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    Robots / Human-Robot Interaction

    Dish Sorting System -Exhibition Model-

    Collaboration Project

    "Dish Sorting Robot" which was exhibited on Sep. 11~13th 2019 at Tokyo BigSight. This project was co-operated with Tanico, Connected Robotics & me. I did a good job!

    Cooking Partner Robot

    Collaboration Project

    This is a robot which can work with a chef by delivering foodstuffs & tools, and cooking instead of him/her.

    In this project, they cooked hamburgers & pasta. Please watch an above movie to let you know details.

    This project has been worked with Connected Robotics & tanico.

    CR's page link

    Dish Sorting System

    Collaboration Project

    In the place like large scale restaurant which many people come, employees need to wash a lot of dishes every day. In particular, it is hard work to sort into each different kinds of dishes for them. And clearly it is the task which doesn't need their creativity.

    Therefore, the dish sorting system was proposed from Connected Robotics & tanico.

    CR's page link

    3D Printed Robot Arm

    My Project

    Is 3D printed Robot enough to use ? To verify the question, I made it as long as human arm really ! Then, I confirmed the robot can move. And I'm convinced that the robot will have more toughness, smoothness of move and quickness by improving machine design. After this fabrication, I'm redesigning.

    Quad Bot

    -Stabilization Control-

    3D Printed Robot

    This is a Quadruped robot which I developed. In this movie, the robot can keep his orientation horizontally.

    The robot includes Accelerator sensor and gyro sensor. and then, their sensors are integrated by RaspberryPi.

    Quad Bot -Walking Experiment-

    3D Printed Robot

    It was walking !

    Unity Asset

    This is an Unity asset which I developed.

    This asset is a library which you can use Matrix Operations easily using operator symbols, +, - and *. Besides these, you can calculate "Transposition", "Determinant" and "Inverse Matrix".

    Sample program named "Sample.cs" is included in /Scripts folder. I recommend this asset to researchers of the machine learning.

    JIZAI Sword / 自在刀 (Early Design)

    Concept Design

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    About My Works

    Open Source Robot Arm is being updated. Range of moving is wider, and link of end is smaller than previous one. Maybe you can build this robot in cost of 500 USD.
  • About Me

    Robot Creator & Artist ... Yasufumi Tanaka

    2015: Ph.D in Engineering (Tohoku Univ.)

    2015: Software Engineer at ZMP Inc.

    2016: AI Engineer at SONY

    2017: Freelance Robot Creator & Researcher

    2018: Project Researcher at University of Tokyo

    2018: Freelance Robot Creator.

    2019: Working with Connected Robotics Inc. & tanico

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