• Yasufumi Tanaka

    Freelance : Robot Creator & Researcher

  • Open Source Robot Arm

    Life with Robots for Everyone

    1st Prototype Model

    I want you use this robot, and develop Robotics technologies. Everyone can do it!


    25th Nov. 2017.


    Open Source Robot Arm is being updated. Range of moving is wider, and link of end is smaller than previous one. Maybe you can build this robot in cost of 500 USD.


    18th Nov. 2017.

  • Funding Now

    Target amount of funding is 60,000 USD

  • Concept of My Activity

    Under Construction

  • About Me

    Robot Creator & Researcher ... Yasufumi Tanaka

    Graduated Ph.D (Engineering) course at 2015.

    He worked as Software Engineer at ZMP Inc. In 2016, he changed his job to AI Engineer at SONY. Then, from March 2017, he is working as Freelance Robot Creator & Researcher.

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